Opening of a karaoke bar


Such entertainment as karaoke originates from the 80s of the last century. Japanese drummer Daisuke Inoue is considered the founder of karaoke. While performing with his band, he began to notice that attendees at their concerts were bored during breaks.

Then he figured out how to entertain them, he distributed to everyone the printed lyrics of the group’s songs and included music without words. And when the group rested backstage, the audience had something to do – singing their favorite songs. Soon this idea spread to all of Japan, naribans began to appear – the so-called Japanese karaoke bars.

Today, karaoke bars are very popular in all cities, both large and small. The presence of a large number of potential customers tells us that opening a karaoke bar is quite a promising and profitable business idea.

If you already own an operating bar, cafe or restaurant, then opening a karaoke will not be difficult for you. All that is needed is to buy good musical equipment for karaoke and redesign the name and interior of the establishment to give it more charm and attractiveness in the eyes of potential visitors.

If you want to open a karaoke bar from scratch, then first you need to decide what scale the institution itself will be, and draw up a business plan taking into account your financial capabilities.

Judging by the experience of specialists in this field, on average, the cost of opening a karaoke bar is the same as opening a restaurant, about 100 thousand dollars and more. But with a great desire and skill, you can spend a much smaller amount on this – it all depends on the size of the institution, arrangement, accommodation, etc.

In addition to the costs of opening the institution itself, a significant proportion of the costs will be the cost of high-quality sound equipment. A complete set of a karaoke system will cost you an average of 40 thousand dollars. If you are aiming to open an institution that specializes in providing karaoke services, then you should not save on musical equipment.

The average karaoke bar pays for itself in three years. Please note that approximately half of your profits will come from the sale of drinks. The rest of the income comes from the entrance fee to the institution and the services of the institution itself.

In order to make your establishment even more attractive to visitors, you can provide them with any additional services. For example, in some karaoke bars you can buy a record with your own performance in this institution. Well, for whom it will not be interesting to look at yourself as a singer after many years, and show it to your friends?

Another way to distinguish your establishment from many similar ones is the regular organization of various karaoke contests. And, of course, award prizes to the winners. As an option – a free table in your establishment for the group of friends of the winner. And how attractive the word “free” will be for customers, we think it will be superfluous to explain.