Arranging the rental of game consoles – the idea of ​​​​a business on entertainment


Those whose childhood was in the late 90s and early 2000s will surely remember the joyful feeling that arose every time they went to the gaming halls that were widely popular at that time, where anyone could immerse themselves in the colorful, adventurous world of virtual games for a small fee. , “reincarnating” in their main characters and completely controlling them with the help of game consoles.

And today there are a lot of people – gamers who love to play a variety of computer games, not to mention children. Although not everyone can afford to purchase a modern game console due to its price. Entrepreneurs who rent out consoles come to the rescue. Actually, we will now talk about organizing the rental of game consoles.

Among the consoles, the first Sony PlayStation quickly gained the highest popularity and became a legend in the world of gamers. Which is understandable, because even in comparison with the games of the same Sega, which also gained insane fame among the younger generation at one time, the games of this console then looked just like living fantasy. Three-dimensional, carefully designed, and therefore – an order of magnitude more believable graphics, complex plots and virtual “scenery” of games, significantly increased control over game characters and game progress thanks to multifunctional joysticks – all this brought with it an amazing novelty called Sony PlayStation.

However, everything is changing … Years have passed, and today the games of this model will surely seem childish and naive to the current gamer – the evolution of game consoles has advanced too far since then. Their prices have also changed significantly. For example, if the first SPS model at one time was a purchase that was quite tangible for the budget of an average citizen, but still quite affordable, then today the cost of its latest fourth version (and this is about $ 400) can even exceed his monthly salary.

And this is without taking into account the purchase of additional accessories and joysticks (in the basic configuration, it is in a single copy). It turns out that modern game consoles are no longer available to “mere mortals”? Probably, by and large, it would be so. If there was no service for their rental.

What do you need to organize the rental of game consoles?

First, of course, the most gaming consoles. To get started, you can purchase at least one copy of their most popular representatives – that is, the latest model of Microsoft Xbox and the latest model of Sony PlayStation. Of course, the number of set-top boxes you have will also determine the potential number of orders that you can simultaneously accept.

However, it is unlikely that it would be advisable to immediately spend all the start-up capital on them, since it is unlikely that at the initial stage you will soon have too large a client audience. It will still take some time to develop it, to gain popularity. Well, when this is achieved and the need for additional instances of consoles will appear naturally, their number can be increased. Well, before that, it is better to use funds to expand the range of consoles and games themselves.

And first of all it concerns joysticks. As already mentioned, at first, only one copy of them is supplied with the mentioned prefixes. Although it is provided to connect at least 4 joysticks to one game console, thanks to which not one person, but a whole small company can participate in the game at the same time – which is much more interesting, you must agree.

Not one person, but a whole small company can participate in the game at the same time

So, so that your customers are not deprived of such a great opportunity, it would be right to buy 3 gamepads for each set-top box. In addition, from the accessories, a special game steering wheel (Playstation Hurricane Steering Wheel) would be quite a useful purchase, giving the player the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in car-themed games. Also quite out of place will be a branded stereo headset.

The next important component of this business is game discs. Again, just like with consoles, don’t go for quantity right away – after all, everyone has different tastes, and it’s impossible to predict in advance which games will be the most popular. And discs with them are also not a cheap pleasure.

Therefore, it would be wiser to first make up a relatively small assortment of them, which would include the most anticipated among the players, the latest innovations, as well as high and stable popularity – classic games. You can find out which games can be classified in these categories by studying thematic Internet forums and virtual game sales sites, as well as talking to game disc sellers in stores in your city.

When all of the above is acquired, it remains only to resolve the issue with the premises. At first, while there will be few customers and equipment, you can conduct business at home, indicating in advertising only your contact details (except for the description of the service itself, of course) – phone numbers, Skype. After it, clients will contact you and make an appointment. It is better to meet at the client’s home in order to reduce the risk of fraud, as well as immediately check the set-top box for performance and sign an agreement, which will indicate the responsibilities of the parties.

Subsequently, when the audience becomes larger and you need to purchase more set-top boxes, you can rent a small room somewhere in a residential area and store all the equipment there. It can also receive clients. Finally, if possible, provide some amount for the creation of at least a simple, but your own advertising site – it will help you promote the service among the urban Internet audience. Although, in advertising the rental of game consoles, social networks show themselves very well, that is, by creating a thematic group, you can attract more and more customers.