Printing images on cups as a home business option


The demand for various products with personal data, such as photographs, names, dates, has always been and remains quite high, since such souvenirs are interesting and unique in their own way. Some time ago, it was almost impossible for ordinary citizens to present their faces on consumer goods. Now, with the help of modern technology, it has become a reality.

Printing images on cups is a business in the production of personalized souvenirs for a specific client. The production of such products is carried out by sublimation.

Sublimation printing is the name of this technology. With its help, you can apply images to dishes, clothes, metal surfaces. Consider sublimation printing on cups as an example. The effectiveness of such a business lies in the fact that the cups themselves are a practical and very common gift, and personal photographs of the client applied to them have a unique effect.

There are many options for how to implement services for applying images and inscriptions on cups:

  • application of company logos and signs – as gifts to employees or as branding for any enterprise.
  • drawing photos and any other images – as a gift to relatives, friends, loved ones.
  • applying various quotes, expressions – as a gift for a professional holiday, corporate party, anniversary or any personal memorable date.

Such a business idea does not carry the risk of losing a huge amount. All you need is special thermal printing equipment.

Thermopress. The price can be very different, but on average it will cost about $ 300.

Inkjet photo printer. There are also many options, the average price is about $ 100.

sublimation paper. For one cup, you will need half of such an A4 sheet.

Plain white cups. Classic cups are in the shape of a cylinder, but besides them, there are also blanks for sublimation printing in the form of certain, coffee and other forms.

Therefore, the cost of equipment will be approximately $400. The cost of a unit of production is somewhere in the range of $ 2. You can sell personalized cups for $6. The markup is $4. To recoup your costs, you need to sell only 100 units of products, which, you see, is not much. This amount can be easily sold through any school, kindergarten or small business.