Balloon business – how to make money by giving mood


Despite the economic crisis in Ukraine, many companies still hold corporate events. Ordinary people, no matter the level of abundance, are also constantly spending on weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays. All these and similar events are not complete without a festive decoration of the premises, which traditionally includes the cost of decorating with balloons. Someone decorates the room with balloons on their own, but someone simply has no time to do it. The question is – why not provide such a service and enter this service market? Let’s try to explore in more detail how you can make money on balloons.

In general, a balloon is a toy that is made of latex. It is correct to call it an “inflatable” ball. Because this toy is inflated with gas, usually air or helium. If the gas with which the balloon is inflated is lighter than air, then the balloon gets the ability to fly.

It should be said right away that the balloon business is not limited to the provision of services for decorating rooms with them. Having made balloons the basis of your own business, you can come up with many different ways how you can make money on them.

But the most popular and promising areas of balloon business are the following.

  • Provision of services for decorating the premises with balloons;
  • Realization of balloons inflated with helium;
  • Creation of various gift compositions from balloons;
  • Printing on balloonsIt is best to combine all these lines of business into one, although it is quite possible to earn solid money by being directly involved in any one of these areas. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Room decoration with balloons

The most ordinary room can easily be turned into a luxurious and festive hall with the help of balloons. This activity is also called aerodesign. Unlike complex stationary structures made of chipboard, balloons are much cheaper, they can be inflated very quickly and create a unique three-dimensional panorama or composition. In addition, the variety of balloons in itself is so wide that you can find balloons of almost any color, size and shape, and there is no need for additional coloring. Another great advantage is that the balls can be dismantled quickly and easily. And when using inflatable balloons with helium, at the end of the holiday, guests can be entertained by solemnly launching them into the sky.

In this case, fantasy and ingenuity are important, so it is suitable only for creative people. You should come up with original decoration elements with balls. In addition to multi-colored balls, you can also use other materials.

All you really need to start your balloon decorating business is one piece of equipment. This is an electric compressor for faster and more hygienic inflation of balloons. You will also need to have in your stock a huge number of a wide variety of balloons. Feel free to offer balloons of various sizes, shapes and colors to meet all the requests of your customers.

To look solid in the eyes of your future clients, prepare a portfolio that will include the best examples of your company’s balloon decoration. It will be better if the photos are taken by a professional photographer using professional equipment. It will also be important to create your own website, where your potential clients can take a closer look at your work, evaluate it on their own and contact you to further place their order.

Also, at first, the work on decorating the halls can be done independently, and then recruit several people or even a whole team as assistants.

There is always a high demand for decorating the facades and premises of buildings with various compositions made from balloons. Both organizers of weddings, graduation parties and similar events, as well as companies that hold exhibitions, corporate parties, promotions and so on can become clients. Now it is very popular.

There is some difficulty in this business, since the wishes of customers can be different and the difficulty arises precisely in creating a design at the request of the customer. Therefore, there are special courses that teach the features of aerodesign. On them you will learn how to decorate different rooms. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time, you can find useful video tutorials online that will teach you how to create simple compositions.

You can become a client as an organizer of a party, holding graduation parties and similar visits, as well as companies that hold exhibitions, corporate parties, promotions and so on


Such a way of making money as the sale of balloons filled with helium has been known for more than a day, there is considerable competition on the market, but with skillful business management, money from helium brings good profit.

The first thing you need to start is the most balloons, compressed helium cylinders with a volume of ten to forty liters, and the place where you are going to trade them. The profit will depend on which place you choose, whether you sell balloons at retail or wholesale, and also on whether there is any holiday on the day of the sale of balloons.

Also, the profit depends on the margin, which on average ranges from one hundred to two hundred percent.

It is best to open a small department in a walk-through shopping and entertainment center. Visitors to the shopping and entertainment center will remember your point, which will increase the flow of customers in the future. It would be nice if there was some kind of square nearby, where parents with children constantly walk.

It should be noted that helium is colorless and odorless, it does not burn and is not explosive. However, there are safety regulations for handling helium, so be sure to read the instructions you get from your helium dealer. Excessive helium pressure can easily break a steel cylinder, so, most likely, in open points no one will allow you to keep cylinders with this gas of large volume, and you will have to rent some private house, room or warehouse not far from your point, where you you will be able to hold the balloon and prepare a new batch of balloons for sale.

You can, of course, work from home, but in this case you will get rid of a large number of customers, more time and money will have to be spent on advertising. And parents with children go to the shopping center and parents often go on about the children who ask to buy a balloon.

The place of sale of balloons should be advertised by simply inflating and hanging a few bright balloons on a long cord. Bright balloons are sure to attract the attention of customers, and they are in a hurry to buy them from you, because there is nothing better than visual advertising. Also in this business you will be helped by all kinds of advertisements that you can stick around the city or simply submit to local newspapers, while not forgetting about bright and unusual slogans that attract the attention of others.

Many people would like to buy balloons to please a child, a loved one or just to make their home more comfortable, but do not do this because of the inconvenience of transporting balloons around the city on a string, so do not forget about packaging, because then you you will be able to sell another package and you will not end up with buyers.

For the start, you will need to try the bags yourself, baloons with squeezed helium, well, place, de vie choose to trade them

Balloon figurines

Unique bouquets, snow-white swans, butterflies, funny figurines of cartoon characters – all this is an integral part of many holidays. And all this will give people joy, and the creator – a good profit if it is made from balloons.

In order to start such a line of activity, you should learn how to independently create figures from balloons. In fact, the process of creating holiday decorations from balloons must be seen. As mentioned earlier, there are now a lot of videos with master classes in aero design on the network.

Another question is where and to whom to offer their first products. Everything is simple here: the originality and beauty of products will be in demand among mothers who are planning a holiday for their children, in kindergartens, schools, etc. The cost depends on the order. If a small balloon bouquet can be sold for one price, then a large balloon car that requires many hours of work can be sold for much more money.

Over time, experience will come, work skills will appear, more solid orders and, accordingly, a good income.


Of course, balloons are short-lived, like real flowers. But they can become the simplest and most unusual material when you need to quickly decorate a hall for a holiday, decorate a shop window, decorate a stage, advertise a product, a new service, or just give people a great mood.

To learn how to make this miracle, you can visit exhibitions and festivals of balloons, which usually hold master classes in creating figures. There are also special companies that are already engaged in a similar business (aerodesign) and organize paid courses for beginners. The main desire is to give people joy, and everything else will come with time.