Business idea: on-site diagnostics of a used car before buying


If you have ever dealt with the purchase of a used car, then you probably know how much trouble this procedure can bring. This can be done in several ways. By monitoring ads on the Internet, armed with newspapers such as “Avtorinka” or “Your Store” and the most common way is to visit the car market. There are a lot of cars on display here. But there is also a high probability of running into scammers trying to sell “scrap metal” under the guise of a “live” car.

That is why many people take with them acquaintances who are at least a little versed in cars and can see the condition of the car.

After choosing a car, many buyers drive it to the service station for a more detailed check. But, unfortunately, not everyone has acquaintances who are well versed in cars, and in car services sometimes everything is scheduled for the day ahead. Bottom line – there is a need for help when buying a used car. So this need needs to be met.

Who is this business idea for?

First of all, service station workers can do this business. Especially master wagons, well understood both in engines, gearboxes, suspension, and in electricity and bodies. Naturally, an ordinary beginner who has never worked in such a field will not be able to provide such a service. If you have similar knowledge, then everything is in your hands.

How to organize a help desk when buying a used car?

We offer you to organize a unique on-site service for car diagnostics before purchase. Why exit? It’s simple – to start you only need a personal car and inexpensive diagnostic equipment.

So, first we will tell you what list of services should be provided to the client:

  • Checking the body (the most expensive part) and the interior of the car.
  • Engine diagnostics.
  • Diagnostics of electronic systems – a universal scanner.
  • Diagnosis of the chassis and brake parts of the car, by external examination.
  • Road test.

List and cost of equipment

  • Thickness gauge for paintwork – the price is about 2500 UAH, but you can rent it for the first time.
  • A universal car scanner – the price is from 10,000 to 20,000 UAH, but at first you can do without it.

How to advertise your services?

  • Creation of a website with a detailed description of their services. After all, most buyers today begin their search with ads on websites.
  • Advertising on bulletin boards.
  • Advertising on auto forums.
  • contextual advertising
  • Banners near car markets.

How much can you earn?

If you set a price for body diagnostics at UAH 500, and for a full body diagnostics at UAH 800-1000, then by completing at least 5 orders per day, you can earn from UAH 2500 per day. But this is an average. In winter, there will usually be fewer orders, but in the spring-summer period, with a properly conducted advertising campaign, there will be no end to customers.